No longer maintained

As of 2004, this project is no longer maintained. If you want to take it over, contact one of the project administrators, or — as a last resort — request a project takeover.

FraZaa anonymous file sharing

What is FraZaa

FraZaa is an anonymous file sharing software that uses two other anonymity networks for providing anonymity. The actual files are transferred via Freenet 0.5, a high-latency, high-anonymity content distribution network. File searches and file list sharing is done via IIP, a low-latency but still anonymous network primarily intended for chatting. So we leverage benefits of both worlds — sharing file lists and searching via IIP is quick, and Freenet (which itself cannot be searched) is used for the file tranfers which are far too big for sending them via IIP (which has low latency, but low throughput as well).

What is the status of FraZaa

As of 2004-05-04, the IIP network is no longer active. There have been several attempts to revive it, but as far as I know, all of them have been abandoned shortly after.

Freenet is currently (2006) in a transition to the new, backwards-incompatible, Freenet 0.7 protocol.

Since none of the software that is used by FraZaa is still actively used, I guess there are no FraZaa users left anyway. There have been no FraZaa file releases since 2003-04-03.

There are promising alternatives, like The Invisible Internet Project, that provide anonymous file sharing as well and are still maintained.

Downloads, CVS, Contact information

Downloads, CVS information, and contact information is available on the project page.

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